Saturday, October 11, 2008

Install and Run Macros in Textpad Editor

Textpad is a Windows based Text Editor like "Notepad" with more advanced features.

  1. Unzip the macro and copy it in the default macro location for your Textpad installation.
  2. To know what is the default macro location for your textpad installation:
    (the default location is C:\Documents and Settings\UsrName\Application Data\Helios\TextPad\5.0)
    1. Launch Textpad.
    2. Goto Configure --> Preferences --> Folders
    3. There you can see Macros as a FileType. The location against this FileType is the default location for Macros.
  3. Copy the unzipped macro file (Step 1) at this location.
  4. Restart Textpad editor and goto Configure --> Preferences --> Macros
  5. You can see your macro in the "Macros Available" box.
  6. Select your macro and click "Add", "Apply", "Ok".
  7. To verify the macro installation goto "Macros" menu. You should be able to see your macro as a submenu item there.
You are done with your macro installation.


  1. Open the file on which you want to run the macro.
  2. Select "Macros --> yourMacro". This will run the macro for the configured range (you can run a macro:
    • on a selection
    • on the complete file
    • etc..


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